St. Peter's Anglican Church
St. Peter’s Anglican Orthodox Church is committed to youth ministry.  The
Bible says to, “
Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old,
he will not depart from it
.” (Proverbs 22:6.).  We believe in providing an
environment that will help youth develop a strong desire for the things of
the Lord through sound biblical teaching, appropriate devotions, and
consistent prayer.  Our youth experience a practical approach to Christian
education focused on spiritual development targeted to their special needs.
"Lo, children [are] an
heritage of the LORD:
[and] the fruit of the
womb [is his] reward.
(Psalm 127:3).  
also has a
commitment to God.  
Children are His
heritage, and the Bible
makes it plain that the
purpose of parenting is
to provide God with a
godly seed.”  (Malachi 2:
15).  Devoted parents
want to ensure that
their children are
receiving godly
teaching, as do we.
And they brought young children to him, that he should touch them: and his
disciples rebuked those that brought them.  But when Jesus saw it, he was much
displeased, and said unto them,
Suffer the little children to come unto me, and
forbid them not
: for of such is the kingdom of God.”  (Mark 10:13-14).  
Whether it is parents, other
people, friends, institutions, the
world, the Devil, or even the child
himself, the obstacles for children
to overcome in getting to the Lord
are tremendous.  It is the Lord’s
desire for children to come unto
Him, and we should properly raise
and teach children to achieve this.  
Raising children is the greatest
work given to parents - and the
most difficult.  If there is anyone
who thinks the work of some
famous evangelist, pastor, or
teacher is greater, they are
Part of the Great Commission to the church here on earth is to, “Go ye
therefore, and
teach…” (Matthew 28:19).  Variations of the word teach
occur over 250 times in the Bible.  Specifically, the word “teach” and
“children” occur eleven times together in the same verse.  If we are serious
about accomplishing this Commission, we can find no better disciples to
teach than children.

The efforts of the sincerest parents are fraught with challenges.  They must
provide for their children, and unless they are fortunate, this calls for a
job.  Children also need to attend school, and in our society the worldly
government requires that they do so.  They require it, and then they
cleverly provide the service virtually free of charge, but they select the

Understanding the obstacles that hinder children from coming to the Lord
is vital at
St. Peter’s AOC.  The public school service may allow parents to
keep more of their earnings, but with the added obstacle of exposing their
child to un-biblical teachings, like evolution.  Some parents choose to
sacrifice in favor of private schools, but this can get expensive, and your
child may end up learning other undesirable things.  Some homeschool, but
it can be frustrating trying to teach all the subjects a child needs to learn;
and there are also financial concerns, physiological concerns, psychological
concerns, and facility needs involved in homeschooling.  These are all
obstacles to a child’s coming to the Lord, and we want to help as much as
we can.
And whoso shall receive
one such little child in
my name receiveth me.  
But whoso shall offend
one of these little ones
which believe in me, it
were better for him that a
millstone were hanged
about his neck, and that
he were drowned in the
depth of the sea.

(Matthew 18:5-6).   To
offend is to put a
stumbling block in the
way of, or to entice to
sin, or to cause distrust
in God whom children
ought to trust and obey.
St. Peter’s AOC believes in helping to remove the stumbling blocks instead
of being an obstacle to a child’s spiritual development in Christ.  We believe
in making children the center of life with sincerity, and teaching them
properly in accordance with the Bible.  It starts with prayer, then standing
strong with parents to help remove the obstacles, and provide the free
gospel means to teach children about God like the Lord intended.  Your
children need to be touched by the Lord;
St. Peter’s goal is to do whatever it
takes to help you accomplish that and to, “Suffer the little children to come
unto…” Christ.
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