St. Peter's Anglican Orthodox Church
Famous Anglican/Episcopalians
John Rogers (c. 1500–4 February
1555) was a minister, Bible
translator, commentator, and the
first English Protestant martyr
under bloody Mary I of England.   
He met William Tyndale in
Antwerp, under whose influence he
abandoned the Roman Catholic
faith. After Tyndale's death,
Rogers pushed on with his
predecessor's English version of
the Old Testament, which he used
as far as 2 Chronicles, employing
Myles Coverdale's translation
(1535) for the remainder.
English Reformers
Below you will find information about famous
members from our Anglican heritage.  We
have included a number of martyrs of the
English Reformation, America's founding
fathers, U.S. Presidents, scientists, inventors,
missionaries, actors, and others.  Our form of
Christian worship has a deep and rich history.  
We feel it is important to acknowledge their
contributions to Protestantism and society.  
God bless.