Below are fill in the blank questions.  You fill in the blank by choosing word/s or phrases
from the word bank below the question and clicking on it.

The topic is the Lord's Prayer.  We have chosen four forms of the Lord's Prayer used in
Anglican Orthodox Church.  Two are from the Authorized Version of the Bible (St.
Matthew 6:9-13 and St. Luke 11:2-4).  We have also selected the 1662 and 1928 versions
of the Lord's Prayer from the Book of Common Prayer.  
The question is, which
form of the Lord's Prayer do you know?
 We have provided discussions along
the way to explain the differences in the forms of the Lord's Prayer used by the
Orthodox Church.  

By the way, there are no wrong answers.  When you have completed this exercise, you
may want to go back and choose the other responses in order to read the explanatory
remarks.  God bless.
1. Please complete the start of the Lord's Prayer by selecting the next phrase you use in
reciting the prayer:
Our Father _____________________