It is customary in Anglican services to arrive in the chapel at least five minutes before
the service is to begin.  Some arrive much earlier and enjoy refreshments and fellowship
in the common areas.  However, once inside the chapel worshippers should enter and
remain in a reverent manner.  This is our time to appear before God worshipfully.  
Generally, talk and discussion of non-spiritual topics in the chapel is frowned upon.  An
appointed person usually lights the altar-candles reverently initiating the service.

A printed program outlining the sequence of the service for that particular day is
available just before you enter the chapel.  We usually begin our service with a Hymn
from the 1940 Hymnal.  Thereafter, the minister will open with a short sentence of
Scripture from the
1928 Book of Common Prayer.  The service will then proceed in the
prescribed manner outlined in the program using the Book of Prayer.  

There will be times when the whole congregation recites prayers like the Lord’s Prayer,
creeds like the
Apostle’s Creed, and Psalms out of the Book of Prayer.  Sometimes we
will be kneeling in prayer (or sitting if you can’t kneel), or standing for readings such as
the Psalm for the day; and times there will be when we will sit and hear readings from
God’s Word.   The first half of the service is performed using the Book of Prayer.  The
page number for each aspect is included in the printed program.

There will be a sermon prepared by a minister delivered to the congregation.  The sermon
is usually followed by a praise and offering.  There are closing prayers and a Hymn
followed by the extinguishing of the altar-candles reverently.  Services usually last for
one-hour.  Upon dismissal we exit the chapel and usually fellowship more in the common

If you have any questions about what you should expect, please do not hesitate to
us.  We would be more than glad to reassure any apprehensions you may have.  We
welcome visitors, and want to remind you that you are under no obligation to try and
keep up with our manner of worship, or be expected to conform to it.  It takes time to
learn to follow along and participate in our form of worship.  Our form of worship is one
of the oldest forms of Christian worship in America.  It is not a loose form that requires
you merely show up, sing, listen to a sermon, and leave.  Our form requires participation
in the service by every member.  We believe the fundamentals of the Christian faith are
contained in our method of worship as presented in the Prayer Book.  Its methods are
designed to create greater involvement in the congregation and that is what we try to