You should bring your Bible to church.  St. Peter’s AOC uses the Authorized Version of
the Holy Bible by King James I of England (circa 1611), commonly, the King James
Version.   You may also want to bring a pen/pencil and paper in case you wish to write
something down.  

St. Peter’s AOC uses the 1928 Book of Common Prayer in our customary form of public
worship.  You can bring one with you or use the ones supplied by us in the chapel.  They
are stored on the back side of the pews.  We also use the 1940 Hymnal that is also on the
back side of the pews for your use.

There could be personal items you may wish to bring such as cushions, gum, candy,
handkerchiefs, book markers, etc.  It is really hard to define the number of things
associated with personal preferences or comforts.  If you have any questions concerning
what to bring, please
contact us.